Why aren’t my client reviews on my reviews tab?

This is a commonly asked question and one that stumps a lot of people.

On your Google+ Local page you will see 5 ‘tabs’ or ‘links’ and it is natural enough to assume that any reviews left by your clients would show up on the ‘Reviews’ tab.

Image of the 5 tabs on a Google+ Local page

However, this is not the way Google+ thinks for some reason.

When you, as a business, leave a review on Google+ of another business then those reviews appear under the Reviews tab of your Google+ Local page.

So where do my client reviews appear?

When your clients or customers leave a Google+ review for your business, that review will actually show up on the ‘About’ tab.

So when visitors go to your ‘About’ tab they’ll see a Review Summary box that looks like this (though hopefully with more reviews than this business has!)

Review Summary box on Google+ Local page

and as they scroll down the page they’ll see the individual reviews, which will look something like this:
Review detail on Google+ Local page

So can I get rid of the Reviews tab?

You certainly can! Well kind of. You can stop visitors from seeing the tab but you can’t get rid of it altogether. To stop the general public from seeing the Reviews tab:

  1. Click on the ‘Reviews’ tab.
  2. You will see the phrase “This tab is not shown to visitors; use Google+ settings to change which tabs are visible.” Click on the settings link
  3. Scroll down the settings page until you reach the section titled ‘Profile’ Image of the profile section in Google+ Local page settings
  4. From here you can select which tabs your visitors see. Just check the boxes next each tab – or if you don’t want them to see a tab (like ‘Reviews’) then you can deselect that box.
  5. Your changes are saved automatically so once you’re finished you can return to your page by clicking on the page name in the top right corner (next to the little bell)

How do I know it worked?

Another great question!

To check if the changes worked you can view the page as a member of the public.

From your Google+ Local page click on the drop down arrow next to “View profile as yourself”. This allows you to select ‘public’ as an option and then you can see what a general visitor to your page would see.

Got questions about this or anything to do with Google+ Local page or Local Search? If so, drop me a line and let’s chat!

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