What does the acronym NAP stand for?

When you start looking into local search engine optimisation (SEO) you’ll soon start hearing the acronym ‘NAP’.

And like me, you may wonder why everyone in local search is so tired all the time…turns out that they’re not really. NAP is actually an acronym and stands for:

  • Name (in this case your business or trading name)
  • Address (the place where you meet your customers, or if you’re a service business the place you work from)
  • Phone number (the primary number for your business, either a landline or a mobile phone number).

Why is it so important?

Essentially the more times your NAP appears in a consistent format across the web, the more Google trusts that your business is real and not an attempt to spam.

When building citations then it is important to keep your NAP as consistent as possible. This is easy to do when you’re building the citations yourself, but harder to ‘police’ if someone writes about your business on their own website.

I recommend setting up Google Alerts that use the basic components of your NAP and when someone does write about you, you can check that they’re ‘citing’ you correctly. Google Alerts are also a great way to find out whenever anyone talks about your business, product/service and/or industry.

One last thing

You may also hear people talking about NAP+W. In this case the W stands for your website address (e.g http://priyachandra.com). If you can get a citation that includes a link to your website address then that is great but it isn’t really necessary.