Can I see what visitors to my Google+ Local page see?

An all-seeing catCan you see what I see? (Sounds like a bit like a song title doesn’t it? Don’t worry I won’t sing it!)

Or perhaps more to the point, can you, as the owner (or manager) of a Google+ Local Page see what a visitor to the page sees?

How to step into their shoes

To see what a visitor to your page sees, go to your Google+ Local page by clicking on your photo in the top right and selecting your page.

Then click on the little drop down arrow next to “View profile as: Yourself” and select ‘Public’.

Choosing a different profile to view Google+ Local page

Now you will be able to see what the general visitor to your Google+ Local page sees.

Why would you want to make changes?

As the owner or manager of a Google+ Local page you can make changes to the page, to improve the experience for visitors.

There are five default tabs for Google+ Local pages

Image of the 5 tabs on a Google+ Local page

and you may find you are not using them all. Which means blank, uninviting pages for your visitors to feast their eyes on.

By removing the unused tabs (Photos, Videos and Reviews) you make the experience for your visitors a much more pleasant one.

How can you make changes?

To make changes to any of the tabs

  1. Click on the tab.
  2. You will see the phrase “This tab is shown to visitors; use Google+ settings to change which tabs are visible.” Click on the settings link
  3. Scroll down the settings page until you reach the section titled ‘Profile’ Image of the profile section in Google+ Local page settings
  4. From here you can select which tabs your visitors see. Just check the boxes next each tab – or if you don’t want them to see a tab (like ‘Reviews’) then you can deselect that box.
  5. Your changes are saved automatically so once you’re finished you can return to your page by clicking on the page name in the top right corner (next to the little bell)

And that’s it! You’re all done.

Got questions about this or anything else to do with Google+ Local or Local Search? Drop me a line or come and have a chat on Google+. 

Image by Douglas Hamilton, via Wikimedia Commons

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