How to Save Google+ Posts to a Private Community


There’s some great stuff on Google+ right? Every day I find myself learning something new, seeing something in a different way or even making a new connection.

But Google+ moves pretty fast. And trying to find a particular piece of content weeks, days, even mere hours later can be an exercise in frustration. 

Earlier this week I shared a way of saving Google+ posts to Evernote, for future reference and also to simply be able to find the really good content again later on!

This week I wanted to share an alternative way of saving Google+ posts using Google+’s “Private Community” functionality. This is a great option if you’d like to re-share those Google+ posts later on rather than just keep them as reference material.

Level of difficulty – Low

Time needed – under 5 mins

Here’s what you’ll need

  • A Google+ account.
  • A Google+ Private Community.
  • A piece of content that you want to save for later reference.

How to do it

Create the Private Community

  1. In Google+ go to Home / Communities.
  2. Click on the blue ‘Create Community’ button.
  3. Click on ‘Private’ and give the community a name – I was a bit creative this time around and called mine Google+ Reference.
  4. Keep the default of not allowing people to search for your community and click on ‘Create Community.’

Screen shot of creating a private Google+ community

  1. Click on ‘Done’ and then ‘Cancel’ (you definitely don’t want to invite people to this community. It’s just for you remember?)

I like to turn Notifications off for this community as well as not showing the posts in my Home Stream – after all I’m the one sharing them for later reference, there’s no point getting told about it every time I do it!

Save the content to the community

  1. From within the Google+ Stream find the content you wish to save.
  2. Click on the Share arrow under the post in question.
  3. Add a comment if you like and then change who you’ll share the post with by removing ‘Public’ and adding your private community instead. (You can easily find your community by starting to type the name into the ‘To:’ box)
  4. Share the post.

You’ll see in your profile that you’ve shared the post privately and if you’ve got notifications turned on, you’ll see a notification for your community as well.

And that’s it! You’re all done and can now save whatever content you like into your very own Google+ private community. Perfect for storing posts that you think you’d like to go back to again and re-share within Google+.

Additional ideas

Add categories within your community to really organise your saved content.

  • Click on the Gear icon in your community.
  • Select ‘Edit community’.
  • Click on ‘Add category’.

If you add categories to a community you will need to choose a category when sharing a post to that community.

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