How to Save Google+ Posts to Evernote


There’s some great stuff on Google+ right? Every day I find myself learning something new, seeing something in a different way or even making a new connection.

But Google+ moves pretty fast. And trying to find a particular piece of content weeks, days, even mere hours later can be an exercise in frustration. 

So what to do? Well, this is where Google+’s ability to add people by email and share content with them, again via email, comes in very handy indeed.

Level of difficulty – Low

Time needed – under 5 mins

Here’s what you’ll need

  • A Google+ account.
  • Your Evernote email address. This is the one they give you when you sign up. It will look something like this: You can find it under your account details in the Evernote App or at the website.
  • A piece of content that you want to save for later reference.

How to do it

Create the circle

  1. In Google+ go to Home / People / Your Circles.
  2. Click on the Grey cross to add a new circle.
  3. Give the circle a name – I very unimaginatively called mine “Evernote”.
  4. Click on ‘Add a person’ and enter your Evernote email address.
  5. Create the circle with just that one email address.

Save the content to the circle

  1. From within the Google+ Stream find the content you wish to save.
  2. Click on the Share arrow under the post in question.
  3. Add a comment if you like and then change who you’ll share the post with by removing ‘Public’ and adding your Evernote circle instead.
  4. Click on ‘Also Send Email to Evernote’ (or whatever the name of your circle is). This is the most important step – don’t skip it!

Screen shot of sharing to Evernote

  1. Share the post. It will be sent to your default Evernote notebook.

You’ll see in your profile that you’ve shared the post privately.

And that’s it! You’re all done and can now save whatever content you like into Evernote to take advantage of its excellent searching and organisational features.

Alternative method

You can also use a Google+ private community to save Google+ posts for future reference. I’ll be writing up a How-To on that method on Wednesday.

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