How Do You Know What Type of Google+ Page You Have?

Find Out What Type of Google Plus Page You Have

There are 4 different ways to get a presence on Google+. Personal profile. Shopfront (also called Google+ Local) page. Service Area (also called Google+ Local) page. Brand page. Confusing yes? What’s even more confusing is if someone sets up one of the business type pages on your behalf and you don’t know what they’ve done. […]

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How to clear your browser cache


Sometimes, if you’ve got a problem with your Google+ page, you might be told in the support forum to “clear your cache”. This is essentially the software equivalent of “turn your machine off and back on” and although there are a couple of steps to follow it is a very easy process ultimately. On Chrome Click the […]

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How to follow a Google+ Page that you own or manage

Searching for a Google+ Page

When you own or manage a page on Google+, then you may want to share the content from the Google+ Page on your personal profile. To do this you’ll need to follow the page from your personal profile. Just going to the Google+ Page from the left hand menu or from the drop-down menu under […]

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A Simple Guide to Using Google+ Polls

Which way should we go?

  Imagine this: You run a sporting club and want to try out a few new items for sale, but you’d prefer to know if there’s any interest from customers first. You could run a survey in-house, asking customers to vote on their preferred choices. You could put out each option for a few days to […]

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What Is It About Public Holidays That Sends Brands a Little Crazy?

Australian brand killing it the wrong way on Google+

Today is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday in Australia and as I was re-reading Eli Fennell’s article “Don’t Kill Your Brand for Social Media” I thought I’d check out how Australian brands were noting the occasion on Google+. Spoiler alert – not very well. This picture in particular amused me, but probably not the way […]

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Should You Use a Personal Profile or a Business Page on Google +?

a thoughtful cat

This is a question that gets raised a lot on Google+ and Julianne Boyle (of Aussie shout-outs fame) raised it again today. She gave some excellent tips for how to be personable using your business page and it made me think about the recommendations I’ve made in the past about interacting on Google+. I came up […]

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How to Save Google+ Posts to a Private Community


There’s some great stuff on Google+ right? Every day I find myself learning something new, seeing something in a different way or even making a new connection. But Google+ moves pretty fast. And trying to find a particular piece of content weeks, days, even mere hours later can be an exercise in frustration.  Earlier this week I […]

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