Can I see what visitors to my Google+ Local page see?

Choosing a different profile to view Google+ Local page

Can you see what I see? (Sounds like a bit like a song title doesn’t it? Don’t worry I won’t sing it!) Or perhaps more to the point, can you, as the owner (or manager) of a Google+ Local Page see what a visitor to the page sees? How to step into their shoes To see […]

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The simplest way to create content for your small business website

cat on a keyboard creating content

A big issue for many of my small business clients is coming up with website content that will attract the attention of their customers. They tell me: I don’t have time. I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what my customers want to read (related to the above). I am bad at writing. […]

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Why I won’t be using Getty Images for my blog posts

Turning my back on Getty Images

Struggling to find an image for your blog post? You know images add the ‘wow’ factor to blog posts and make shared posts look better on social media sites. You know humans instinctively prefer imagery to pages and pages of text. You know you can’t publish until you’ve added an image. But after hours of […]

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Why aren’t my client reviews on my reviews tab?

Image of the 5 tabs on a Google+ Local page

This is a commonly asked question and one that stumps a lot of people. On your Google+ Local page you will see 5 ‘tabs’ or ‘links’ and it is natural enough to assume that any reviews left by your clients would show up on the ‘Reviews’ tab. However, this is not the way Google+ thinks for […]

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Warning: Using fake reviews could cost your small business big time

This cat is not going to give you a legitimate review!

Worried about the reviews your small business is getting online? Maybe they’re less than enthusiastic about your business, or maybe you’re just not getting many customers writing reviews. And maybe someone’s been in touch offering to help rectify that situation with a few nicely worded, strategically placed, keyword optimised reviews? Stop right there! Before you […]

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How I’m (trying) to manage traffic on my information superhighway

I was doing a course recently where one of the core components was an emphasis on creating systems, including an email system. The system was based on this blog post by Becky McCray and is amazing in its simplicity and its power. The key point to the system is the proper use of filters. As Becky […]

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How to set up a company page on LinkedIn


As a small business owner do you need a company page on LinkedIn? If you’re a sole trader or micropreneur (like me!) then you probably don’t need to worry. A personal profile on LinkedIn will do fine in terms of keeping people up to date on what is going on. However, if you’ve got employees (or […]

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