My Google+ Local page has already been verified – what do I do?

My Google Plus Local page has already been verified - what do I do

This is a very common question in the Google and Your Business forum – business owners visit Google+ to add their business and find that not only does it already exist but it has also been verified (a little tick by the business logo).

Shopfront business on Google Plus with full address shown

How does this happen?

Usually what’s happened is that at some point in the past either an employee or a social media consultant has set up the Google+ Local page, including undertaking the verification process, and then they’ve left your company. Often it is difficult, if not impossible to get in touch with them, particularly if no-one remembers who might have set the page up in the first place.

Or, they might still work for you but for some reason no longer have access to the Google+ account that owns the page.

Or, perhaps you’ve bought an established business that has a verified Google+ page that you’d like to keep using, but the previous owner doesn’t know how to access the page (probably because of the first reason).

Whatever the reason, it is actually really easy to recover control of a Google+ Local verified page.

The steps you need to take

  1. Try creating a listing on Google My Business for your business (with the exact address as on the Google+ page)
  2. The current business will come up (there may be a list of businesses actually) and you should try to claim it by clicking in the business.
  3. This claim will fail because it is verified but you’ll be given the option to request admin rights which you should do.

What you see after requesting admin rights to a already verified Google+ page

  1. You’ll then be asked to complete a form with some details as to why you want access. Make sure you select “I wish to request ownership transfer” during this process.
  2. Google will send that request to the current listing owner and provide you with a support email explaining what’s happened.
  3. If you don’t hear from the current owner in a week then reply to the support email requesting assistance with the transfer of the ownership. It can take a couple of weeks for the transfer request to be actioned but it ultimately it will be.

See I told you it would be simple 🙂

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