Hey what gives – where’d that Google+ Local page come from?

My Google Plus Local Page already exists what do I doHas this ever happened to you – you’ve gone to Google+ to set up your business page and been told it already exists?

‘Huh?’ is often the most common response to that – especially as the page in question has not been verified so who on earth set it up?

Well, the answer is usually – Google.

She takes data about a business from a number of different sources and if she thinks it a legitimate business, based on those sources, she’ll set up a very basic Google+ Local page that looks something like this (details hidden to protect the innocent!):

Automatically generate Google Plus Local page

Customers can leave reviews and see the business on a Google Map but that’s about it.

The logo and cover photo are the default and it probably won’t show up in a general search for that type of business. It’s definitely not the best advertisement for your business on Google+

So what to do?

Well the best thing is to simply

  • claim the page (select the “Manage this page” option and follow the steps),
  • update the page with a description, eye-catching logo and cover photo,
  • verify it.

Now just sit back and relax until the verification postcard arrives – remember don’t change anything in the dashboard until that PIN arrives, otherwise you might invalidate it.

But what if the page is already verified?

Good question! The answer is over here

Image via gratisography.com

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