How to Run a Poll on Google+

This cat wants to know what your customers are doing


UPDATE 10 OCT 2014

Google+ has now introduced a Poll feature which provides an easier, and more elegant way of running polls than this method.


I was on Google+ a couple of days ago, and there was a post from a company I follow asking me to answer a couple of quick questions about their service. I was more than happy to do so, until I saw that the survey was being hosted on…Facebook!

As a non-user of Facebook I obviously wasn’t able to take the survey, and I did wonder why they hadn’t just run the survey on Google+ (as well as Facebook).

Running a poll (or survey) on Google+

The thing I like most about running a poll on Google+ is how simple it is – it can all be done within Google+ itself. No need to add plugins or apps or outsource the running of the poll to another company.

Step 1: Write out your poll question. I’ve used a simple yes / no format here but you could ask people to

  • +1 statements that they agree with
  • +1 features that they’d most like to have in your product / service
  • +1  questions that they’d like answered in your next webinar or Hangout on Air

Screenshot of a Google+ post for a poll

Remember though to keep it simple. This is a poll meaning there’s closed questions and pre-provided answers. If you’re interested in running a proper survey (with the ability for people to grade their responses on a scale and leave comments) then might I suggest using Google Forms?

Step 2: Share the post as per normal (in my sample images I’m sharing the post privately to avoid cluttering up my stream but you could share it either to Public or a particular circle/community)

Step 3: Add the responses to the comments. If you’ve got a lot of responses, or they’re quite long I recommend writing them out in Evernote or a Word document of some type beforehand and then copying and pasting them into the comment boxes to save time.

Adding responses to a Google+ poll post

Step 4: Click on the drop down arrow on the top right of the post, and disable comments. This is the ‘hardest’ part of the process because you want to make sure you disable comments before anyone else adds a comment to your poll!

Disabling comments to the Google+ poll post

Step 5: Watch the responses roll in!


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