How to Respond to Positive Reviews of Your Local Business

Positive reviews are like feeding a cat creamOk, so you might be thinking that this is a weird idea for an article – after all, it is pretty easy to respond to a positive review, it is the negative ones that are hard right?

Well, yes and no.

In my experience, the positive ones can be even harder to respond to because whilst you want to reply and thank someone for their kind words, you don’t want to come across as arrogant either.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the review – if someone’s taken the time to post a positive review then you definitely want to acknowledge it!

So what should you do?

My suggestion is to just thank them for their review and leave it at that – short, sweet and simple.

Let’s look at an example from my stepmother’s business. The reviewer posted this last year on TripAdvisor:

Sadly my stepmother didn’t see it until this year (when I started working with her) but that’s ok,  a delay in responding to positive reviews isn’t too harmful (unlike negative reviews where time is of the essence).

My recommendation to her was to write something along the lines of:

Thank you for your comments Marnie. I’m thrilled your experience was a positive one and I look forward to seeing you back at Gallery 40 the next time you are in Kyneton.

Pretty simple but it does three things in those two sentences:

  • acknowledges Marnie’s comments
  • names the business and
  • names the location.

I’m not sure if naming the business and location in a response is going to have any effect on Margaret’s Local SEO rankings but I figure it can’t hurt. Putting the name and location in the response does remind readers where the business is though and its name – and that definitely helps with brand recognition!

Doing the research for this blog post though I see that she has not yet posted a reply at all to this review – I’d better get onto her about that!

Image via Wikipedia Commons

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