How to create a Google account

Flipping through some of my blog posts you might get the impression that I am sponsored by, or otherwise financially affiliated with Google – nothing could be further from the truth. (Though if anyone from Google Glass is reading this, I’d love to try them out in Melbourne for you!)

kitten on a laptop looking at a Google branded screen

Quite simply I just love their products and services, especially the fact that most of them are free. (Bearing in mind of course, that if something is free, then you, the customer, are in fact the product.) I also love how easy they make it get online, and do stuff that can promote your small business.

Again, I realise this is purely self-interest on their part but as their self-interest and mine mesh quite nicely I’m happy to go ahead and do it.

To make the most of Google products you do need an account with Google though. It is really easy to set one up, and you don’t even need a new email address.

Simply go to (or your country’s equivalent)
At the top right, click on the Sign In link
Scroll down (if necessary), and click on Create Account link.
Enter your details – if you already have an email address by the way you can use that as your username. You don’t have to create a brand new gmail account.
Once you’ve created your details and clicked on Next Step you have the option of uploading a photo that will be used across the Google products.

And that’s it! You’re all done – welcome to the wonderful world of Google (I may or may not be twisting my hands and cackling evilly at this point….)

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