How Much Effort Should You Put Into Your Content?

Socks the cat at a deskDid you know most newsreaders on T.V are usually wearing tracksuit bottoms and comfortable shoes?

They concentrate on wearing nice jackets, shirts and blouses on top, because that’s what can be seen by viewers. However, because they’re usually seated at a desk, there’s no need to ‘dress up’ their hidden legs or feet.

Funnily enough many Search Engine Optimisation experts will recommend the reverse when creating content for a website (local business or otherwise).

They’ll advise you to put lots of effort into your ‘hidden’ text – the head of the page that is only read by search engines – and to put a reasonable, but not extraordinary amount of effort into your visible content.

This video from Matt Cutts (Head of Spam at Google) explains why that might not be the best idea…

What you should takeaway from this post:

Yes, the ‘head’ of your webpage is important but it is much more important to get the content right. As Google itself says:

Always focus on the users and not on search engines when developing your optimization strategy. Ask yourself what creates value for your users.

Answer that question in your content and you’ll be well on the way to good rankings in Google.
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