Content Curation comes to Google+


I am so excited about the new feature from Google+ called Collections.

As Charles Payet said

[it is] like (Pinterest + FlipBoard) times 10. I can create Collections of photos, YouTube videos, deep conversations, memes, news stories, blog posts, almost anything I want – and the best part is that it is all within my favorite social media platform..

So how can you as a business owner use this new feature?

Well, how about as a wedding DJ putting together a collection that showcases photos from weddings that you’ve Dj’d at? You could mention the individuals concerned and to get a bit of extra ‘local search juice’ mention the place where the wedding was held.

Then when clients ask you for examples of what you’ve done, you can easily share that collection of photos.

Or as a vineyard owner you could put together a Pinot Noir Collection that groups content related to Pinot Noir wines – that could be your own status updates or blog posts or perhaps you’ve found articles around the web or YouTube videos from fellow winemakers that you’d like to share. All possible using Collections!

Perhaps you are a public speaker/consultant and in addition to your public speaking gigs you write a lot of guest blog posts? Well collect them all into a Google+ Collection and the next time someone asks you for a list of what you’ve written recently, give them the Collection’s unique URL!

Or you can segment your posts by topic. So for example I have one called ‘How to – Local Search’ which is a group of all my ‘how to’ posts and then there’s one called ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ – which is pretty self-explanatory!

Google Collections

I also like to save popular posts (whether my own or from someone else) in a private Collection and on a rainy day (i.e. no new content to post) go back and grab an old one to reshare.

And voila – instant content curation!

How about if you have a personal profile where you repost updates from your business page?

Create a Collection titled ‘My Business Posts’ or similar and that way people who only want your #caturday posts don’t need to see business related content. (By the way, you really should create a Caturday related Collection on your personal profile!)

Caturday featured collection

Easy to share

Each Collection has its own unique URL so can be shared exactly the way you share stuff now – via email or in a chat hangout, resharing within Google+, as a link within Whats App or saving it to Evernote or Pocket for future reference / recall.

(I’ve even linked to a couple in this blog post).

Additionally you can create links to the Collections and highlight them in your description box (on the About tab).

Really the uses are endless! I’ve barely started using this feature and I’m already finding new ways to use it.

Too long? Didn’t read?

Google+ has added a very easy way to categorise and group anything you share (or re-share from someone else) including status updates, photos, videos, links, events and content from around the web. It can be easily shared as a group via the Collection’s unique URL.

How do you think you’ll use it? If you want some ideas or help with Collections or any part of Google+ for local business, then drop me a line at my contact form or on Google+

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