How Do You Know What Type of Google+ Page You Have?

Find Out What Type of Google Plus Page You Have

There are 4 different ways to get a presence on Google+.

  1. Personal profile.
  2. Shopfront (also called Google+ Local) page.
  3. Service Area (also called Google+ Local) page.
  4. Brand page.

Confusing yes?

What’s even more confusing is if someone sets up one of the business type pages on your behalf and you don’t know what they’ve done.

Whether you’re seeking advice on a problem or just wondering what your competitors might have done on Google+, it helps to know what type of page or personal profile you might be looking at.

Personal profile

This is used for individuals and in Google’s own words:

Google+ profiles are meant for individual people. That’s why we recommend using your first and last name on your profile. It will help friends and family find you online and help you connect with people you know.

You will know if you’re looking at a personal profile on Google+ because there is an option to:

add to circles

Alternatively on the About tab you will see all or some of the following boxes (depending on how the person has set up their profile)

  • People
  • Story
  • Links
  • Work
  • Communities
  • Basic information

Shopfront and Service Area pages

I’ve combined these two because they’re both Google+ Local pages. The only difference is whether the owner has chosen to hide their address because they do not serve customers at their location (a Service Area business) or whether they’re showing the full address (Shopfront).

The easiest way to check if the page is a Google+ Local page or a Brand page is to look at the top of the Google+ screen. Google+ Local pages will always have this type of bar at the top of the screen:

google plus local page top bar

Service Area business will only show the suburb and state, whilst a Shopfront style page will show the full address (naturally enough, Service Area business owners don’t want customers coming to their offices / homes whilst Shopfront owners do want customers to visit them).

Service Area Business with hidden address on Google Plus



= Service Area Business page


Shopfront business on Google Plus with full address shown



= Shopfront Business page



And you’ll also see that both page types have the option to

Follow button on Google Plus for a Brand or Local page the page rather than add it to a circle. That is a bit confusing because you can still put pages in circles, but never mind, that’s Google+ for you!

Brand Pages

These are extremely confusing as they can look very similar to a personal profile but the easiest way to tell the difference is to look at the button under their profile picture.

Follow button on Google Plus for a Brand or Local page

= Google+ Brand page


add to circles
= Personal Profile

And there you have it!

Some quick ways to tell whether you’re looking at a Google+ personal profile or a business page!

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