Is it possible to contact the owner of a Google+ Page or Profile?

The easiest way to get in touch with a Google+ Page owner

Sometimes, you just don’t want to go through the hassle of reclaiming ownership of a Google+ Local page.

Maybe you know it belongs to someone in your company but not who in particular, or maybe you want to reach out to the owner first, or maybe you can’t reclaim ownership the usual way because it is a Brand page or a personal profile.

So how can you reach out to that page?

Private messages are your friend

In situations like this I like to reach out via Private Message (or PM for short) because most people when they set up pages or profiles leave the notification settings in default mode.

And the default action for updates that mention you (the page or profile)? Send an email to the email address associated with the page or profile!

How to do it

(This format is based on a method proposed by Dustin Stout):

  1. Start with a new Google+ post
  2. Write the following headline: *Private Message for Owner of this Page / Profile* (I put asterixes on either side of the headline to bold it)
  3. Enter – this creates a nice break between the headline and your text.
  4. On a new line mention the name of the Page or the Profile (+Name) and write your text, including as much contact detail as you feel comfortable providing, reasons why you’re getting in touch etc. This can be as lengthy as an email if you wish.
  5. Make sure the only person mentioned in the To: box is the Page / Profile you are sending your message to. By default Google+ includes the last circle, collection, community or person you shared an update with, so you definitely don’t want them included in your private message!
  6. Share the update and wait for a response.

This is an example of what that update might look like in Google+ (note I’ve kept the previous addressee in the update box as well to show you what that looks like)

use a private message in google plus to get in touch with a page or profile

Once you’ve shared the update you’ll see it in your stream as having been shared privately. The recipient can then comment on the update or contact you directly (if you’ve provided contact details).

Questions, concerns, requests for further assistance? Drop me a line via my contact form or come and say hi at Google+


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