Chatting with Julianne Boyle from Aussie Shout-outs

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Have you seen Aussie Shout-outs on Google+? We’re often told

  • build relationships because people buy from people they know, like and trust.
  • Give first, before you receive.
  • Ask how you can help others without worrying how they can help you.

All great advice but I often feel that people implement it with the underlying motive of “If I do this, I’ll get something out of it at the end” rather than from a place of genuine connection.

Not so with Aussie Shout-outs.

I first came across this page, when I was mentioned by them as an Australian business. Since then I’ve watched the growth of the page with a great deal of interest. This week I was finally able to talk to the administrator of this page about what she’s trying to achieve and why.

The principle behind Aussie Shout-outs

My very first question to Julianne was why she started Aussie Shout-outs. She explained that she’d been on Google+ in the beginning (2011) but was disappointed by the male dominated, tech heavy focus of the site and the fact that there were hardly any Australians on there.

So she left and went to Facebook. But with the changes to Facebook in recent months, Julianne decided to return to Google+ and give it another go both personally and professionally (Julianne runs Hook and Linen as well as Aussie Shout-outs).

Whilst the male dominated, tech heavy focus of the site had changed, the dominance of American companies / brands had not. So Julianne decided to do something about it, setting up a page dedicated to

…giving  Australian businesses / people the opportunity to gain fans & learn about other exciting businesses / people.

And that’s what she’s done.

Why a page rather than a community?
Communities are massive on Google+ and very easy to set up so I wondered why Julianne had decided to go with a Page rather than a community.

In a nutshell? Spam. She wanted to showcase Australian businesses but avoid the self-promotion and big-noting (my word not her’s!) that can often overwhelm some types of communities.

So, Julianne scours Google+, by hand, searching for Australian businesses and sharing their pages on the Aussie Shout-outs page

Example of a Aussie Shout-out

Example of how Julianne shares a Local business page on Aussie Shout-outs

By hand?? What the?

That’s right – there’s no fancy algorithm running this show. Julianne painstakingly tracks down Australian businesses, one search at a time. She also shares each page by hand – no automated ‘engagement’ here!

Over the last few months her method of sharing pages has changed slightly though. Initially she took screenshots of each page and created a post that way. Nowadays she shares each page and tags them appropriately instead.

This means people can ‘follow’ the featured page directly from Aussie Shout-outs if they wish – a great feature of Google+.

But always, it is about showcasing Australian businesses – there’s no ‘pay-day’ in this for Julianne at all.


I love the concept behind Aussie Shout-outs and the fact that Julianne’s created this amazing way for us all to connect on Google+.

If you haven’t already, start following Aussie Shout-outs, start connecting with some of the businesses she’s showcasing, and start building your Google+ relationships.

Just remember – do this because you genuinely want to create a relationship with / support that business; not because you think you’ll get something back from it in the end!

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