Changing Your Local Business Address? 3 Steps You Need To Follow

Moving a local business? 3 steps you need to followDo you remember the last time you moved house?

What fun hey? Packing up your life into 100s of boxes (telling yourself you’ll really sort out that box of Tupperware at the new place); stopping the utilities at one house and putting them on at the other; and the most fun of all – making sure your postal address was changed with absolutely everyone.

If you’re like me, then you probably chose to redirect your mail for 6 months or a year whilst you worked on changing your address.

But what if you’re changing your business address?

Well, for all your snail mail needs you can still go down the redirection path but NOT online. In order to keep providing the best service to your customers you need to make sure you follow this handy checklist:

1. Change your details on your website

This is the most important step. Your website is the source of all information for your local customer and if your details are wrong there, then you’ll lose their trust immediately and probably their business.

2. Change your details in Google+

  1. Log into either your Google Places dashboard or your Google+ Local page’s Dashboard
  2. Edit your business information.
  3. If you meet customers at their location rather than maintaining a shopfront you may need to change your service area as a result of your address change.

After submitting your changes, you will need to re-verify the page through a postcard PIN verification. It usually takes 2 weeks for that postcard to appear.

3. Change all the citations!

Remember that if you’ve changed your business address and/or phone number you will need to change the details in all the business directories that you might be listed in.

This is where being organised will really come in handy – you’ll be able to quickly and easily find your login details and the sites where your business is listed.

And that’s it!

3 (easy?) steps to changing your local business address online that will make sure you stay nicely listed in Google.

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Image via Flickr user Orin Zebest under Creative Commons License

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