Change your business hours quickly and easily on Google

How to change your business hours quickly and easily on Google

Did you close your business over the Easter weekend? Perhaps you’ll be opening later, or not at all on ANZAC Day? Maybe you’ll actually be changing it up a little and opening early to catch the post-Dawn Service crowd?

Either way, how will you let people know about the change in your business hours?

In the week leading up to Easter I saw a lot of these posts on Google+ Local business pages:

Sample image showing how businesses advertise their opening hours over Easter

which is great if you’re a regular user of Google+ (which I am) but unfortunately not so useful if you’re simply searching Google for a nearby cafe to get a bracing cup of coffee after a chilly Dawn Service. In that type of search, all you’ll see are the opening hours as set by the business owner on their Google+ listing like this:

Regular business hours listed on Google

Luckily, there’s actually a quick and easy way to change business hours for special occasions (like public holidays, early closing on particular days or perhaps just altering your working hours to accomodate school holidays).

Setting special hours on the desktop

  1. Go to your Google My Business dashboard and click on ‘Manage Location’ for your business.
  2. Now click on ‘Edit Info’ and scroll down to Special Hours.
    Special hours in Google My Dashboard listing
  3. Click on the pencil icon and enter the date and hours. If you’ll be closed all day just tick the closed box.
    Detail of special hours box in Google My Dashboard listing
  4. If you want to add hours for more days, click on ‘Add another set of special hours’.
  5. And when you’re done setting your special hours, click on Save and you’re all done.

Setting special hours on a mobile

  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Click on the left hand side menu and select Business info
  3. Scroll down and tap Add special hours. If some special hours already exist for your listing, tap your existing hours beside the special hours icon .
  4. Select the day for which the first set of special hours applies.
  5. Enter the special opening and closing times. You can also select “Open 24 hours” if your business is open all day, or “Closed” if your business is closed all day.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. To add more special hours, tap Add hours.
  8. When you’re done setting your special hours, tap Save in the top right-hand corner of the “Edit special hours” screen.

Now when someone searches for your business, your listing will come up as closed for that particular day. This is especially important if it is in fact a public holiday (as recognised by Google) because on those days, if a business doesn’t provide special hours, Google will warn users that the business’ hours may differ on that particular day.

So, even if your opening hours will be the same on Monday 25 April as every other Monday, make sure you enter them as special hours, so Google won’t wrongly warn users.

Very easy right? And the change is almost immediate, at the most it may take 24 hours to update the information. So, go ahead, advertise your changed business hours on Google search and Maps quickly, easily and simply.


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    My business closes based on business so we have no set closing times.. how to i indicate this? if its not possible, can i just remove the closing time you currently have listed that is incorrect??

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