What account should you use to set up your Google+ Local page

curious cat is wondering what google+ account to useWhen you’re setting up your Google+ Local page the very first thing you need to consider is what account are you going to use – your personal account or another, ‘clean’ account.

Using the same account across everything

Firstly, do you have Google Analytics or Google Webmaster tools set up? If that’s the case then you should use that same Google account to set up your Google+ Local page.

This keeps everything tidy and means there’s only one Google account (personal or not) being used for everything.

Starting from scratch

If you have not yet set up Google Analytics or Webmaster tools then I suggest creating a new ‘clean’ Google account that can be used for these as well as Google+ Local.

As a ‘non-personal’ account, the login details and password can be shared as widely as you feel comfortable. And it is easy to bar access to the account by simply changing the password at any time.

You can use a business email (like googleaccounts@example.com) to create a Google account – you don’t have to create a totally new Google email.

Struggling with Google+ Local?

You might want to look at the handy Google+ Local and Local Search guides on this page or you can drop me a line via email.

I’m also on Google+ if you want to chat there.

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